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Our 2-in-1 handcrafted Satin Head Wrap is extended protection for your natural hair & provides flexible styling options! It can be worn on it's own or it can be paired with one of our unique HUSH Hair Piece inserts (available in 5 textures) for an instant hairstyle transformation that allows you to sleep while staying chic and remain stylish while on the go! It's perfect for travel, brunch with girlfriends, a self care day and so much more.

Enjoy the versatility of our 2-in-1 Satin Head Wrap today!

HUSH Hair Piece

Complete your HUSH™ Head Wrap System with our interchangeable 

HUSH™ Hair Pieces for unlimited texture and color options. It's an instant transformation that will take you from night to day!

Satin Head Wrap

Each HHW

is pre-tied

for you!