CHELSEA  is a custom made 20" unit that has been constructed using:

   - 4 bundles of Ellextensions Classic Natural Indian Deep Wave

   - A Lace 5X5 Lace Closure; allowing for flexible parting (middle, left & right side)

   - 4 attached combs, adjustable straps and an elastic band for added security.

She is available for purchase in sizes XS-XL and can be worn straight or in her natural texture once she has been washed/conditioned and air dried or diffused. Pictured here, Chelsea's wave pattern has been enhanced with a 2 inch barrel curling iron. The choice of bleached knots is available.


She is on display at Mane Haven Salon

  • Pay Over Time is a convenient option if you need more time to pay for your Ellextensions unit! 


    How do I sign up for PAY OVER TIME?

    Signing up is easy! Email us, mention which bespoke unit you'd like to purchase and Shedelle will respond to your inquiry within 2-4 hours with additional details and any questions she may have regarding the customization of your request.

    2. What is required to be able to PAY OVER TIME?

     We require all PAY OVER TIME customers to make their scheduled payments on time. You will receive an invoice on a bi-weekly basis until your unit is paid in full.

    3. When will I receive my new wig?

    ​Your unit begins production 2 business days after your initial deposit is made. Providing that you've made your payments on time, your wig will ship when the  last installment payment has been made. 

    4. Are there any interest or fees associated with a Ellextensions PAY OVER TIME agreement?

         There are no interest charges or hidden fees associated with your installment plan.  

    5. What are my payment options?

       We currently offer bi-weekly payment options. You can choose to pay off your unit in 2 or 4 bi-weekly installments.  All inovices are sent via Square on the scheduled date agreed upon.

    6. What if I change my mind after I've submitted my first installment payment?

         It's ok to change your mind! We ask that you please contact us within 24 hours if you no longer want to proceed with the production of your unit. If you do not notify us, your wig will begin production and you forfeit your initial deposit and any deposits thereafter. 


    7. Is there a limit to how many wigs I can add to my PAY OVER TIME installment plan?

        Yes. We limit our installment plans to one (1) wig per installment.

    8. What if I'm not able to commit to my agreement once I've made my first payment?


         Your unit begins production 2 business days after your initial deposit is made. If you defer on your agreement, we can not  refund your payment(s).


    9. Can I use the Pay Over Time option for items on sale?

         Our payment plan option can only be applied to units priced at full value.

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