Complete your HUSH™ Head Wrap System with our interchangeable 

HUSH™ Hair Pieces for unlimited texture and color options. It's an instant transformation that will take you from night to day! Each piece it handcrafted using  Indian Human Hair and made to match your HHW size. 

  • Before you begin the cleansing process, brush your HUSH™ Hair Piece (HHP) thoroughly from the ends and upwards towards the velcro attachment. If your texture choice is Curly or Deep Curl, be sure to saturate the hair with water first and add a small amount of conditioner to the ends of your HHP before brushing. This will prevent breakage when detangling as curlier textures are more delicate and require more moisture than the other textures. 

    Proceed to wash your piece in warm water using a gentle shampoo and follow up with conditoner from the ends of the hair  to mid-shaft. Rinse thoroughly and towel blot. 

    Hang dry your HHP using our HUSH™ Hanger. Apply a lightwieght leave in conditioner or your favorite curl enhancer;  brush through once more (scrunch if you're curly)and let dry.

    Style as desired or feel free to leave your HHP in its natural texture.

  • Please allow two business days for shipments containing HUSH Satin Wraps only.

    For orders containing HUSH Satin Wrap (HSW) and HUSH Hair Piece (HHP) please allow 5-7 business for processing.

    Once your shipment has been dispatched, you will recieve a tracking number. 

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