Rental Guidelines...



Protective Cap. A protective cap is included with every rental. Prior to placing the unit on your head, your head must be covered with the protective cap. No exceptions. 


Modifications. All units must be returned to Ellextensions in the same condition they are received. You are not allowed to alter the unit in any way. We carryout a full inspection of our units upon return.


Manufacturer's label. No unit shall be returned by any person unless the hairpiece bears the manufacturer's label. 


Soiled/Damaged wigs. We have the right to retain the full cost of the unit if a rental is returned damaged.  


Sterilization. Hairpieces removed from Ellextensions Inc. through rental shall be thoroughly sterilized in a manner approved by the director prior to future rental. 


Seizure. Ellextensions Inc., has the right to seize and destroy any hairpiece returned to us that does not bear our manufacturer's label. If the original unit you rented is not returned, we have the right to retain the full cost of the rented unit.